Core Values

· The system of care is family centered, with the needs and strengths of the child or youth, family and community driving the types and mix of services provided.

· The system of care should be community based, with the locus of services at the community level. The management and decision making responsibility rests with the family and is shared by the community, region, and state.

· Children and youth needing help should be identified and services provided as early as possible under the direction of professionals trained in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood mental and emotional disorders.

· When mental health services and support are needed for families:

- Families are full partners with professionals in planning for and evaluating the effectiveness of services.

- Services and supports are consistent with each family's beliefs, values and culture.

- Services and supports are individualized, consistent, continuous, respond to the unique and changing needs of each child or youth and family as they evolve over time, and are focused on re-establishing independence.

- Services are accessible and seamless from the perspective of the child or youth and family.

- Services are integrated and blended with other community and natural resources in a manner that is least restrictive and that supports the child or youth and family in their community.

- Children and their families deserve the protection of their rights and effective advocacy.

- Families are treated with respect and dignity.