Objective C: Long term psychiatric care will be met in an appropriate setting.


Many complex, chronically mentally ill people in Alaska have not had access to needed high levels of psychiatric care. Without this care, some mentally ill persons become offenders in the custody of the Department of Corrections. If this service were available, more chronically mentally ill Alaskans would become stabilized and, therefore, less likely to become involved with the criminal justice system.


336. The Alaska Psychiatric Institute planning process will identify an Anchorage location for tertiary care.
Responsible party: Alaska Mental Health Board

337. The Department of Corrections will use Alaska Psychiatric Institute as tertiary care with a corrections transfer capacity.
Responsible party: Department of Corrections

338. The Alaska Mental Health Board, Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities and Department of Corrections will identify an appropriate tertiary care venue for mentally ill offenders.
Responsible party: Alaska Mental Health Board