Objective G: Develop treatment programs for mentally ill sex offenders during incarceration and post incarceration, including relapse prevention.


Current treatment services are provided primarily to non-mentally ill sex offenders. Additional funding is needed to create a specialized program to treat mentally ill sex offenders whose ability to participate in treatment is complicated by chronic mental illness. Sex offender treatment will serve to protect the public by targeting relapse prevention.


348. The Department of Corrections will explore funding from the Alaska Mental Health Board and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority to establish a pilot sex offender project in Anchorage for incarcerated mentally ill offenders and mentally ill offenders on parole/probation which emphasizes relapse prevention.

349. If program outcomes indicate, the Department of Corrections and the Alaska Mental Health Board will request funding to expand to such locations as Bethel, Fairbanks, and Southeast Alaska.
Responsible party (actions 1-2): Department of Corrections