Issue 2: Title 47 Revisions

Goal: The language and procedures in Title 47 will be re-examined for improvements.


Many changes have occurred in our mental health system since our current civil commitment law was passed. Other changes have been proposed but not enacted. In addition, the civil commitment statute is applied differently in different areas of the state. Changes may be possible which will better serve the needs of mentally ill Alaskans, while assuring protection of their civil liberties.


354. The Alaska Mental Health Board will provide an analysis of identified legal issues and recommend possible statutory revisions, including streamlined re-commitment and out-patient commitment. The analysis will also address the inability of public guardians to arrange for voluntary hospitalization, while insuring protection of civil rights.
Responsible party: Alaska Mental Health Board

355. The Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities will review interpretation of AS 47.30 regarding admissions to Alaska Psychiatric Institute to ensure that those in need of care receive admission.
Responsible party: Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities