Mentally Ill Offenders Action Team Members

Colleen Patrick Riley, Department of Corrections, Chair

Barbara Brink, Public Defender

Randall Burns, Alaska Psychiatric Institute

Mike Campbell, Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

Cindy Cooper, Deputy Attorney General, Criminal Division

Cindy Drinkwater, Disability Law Center of Alaska

Jeff Duncan, Southcentral Counseling Center

James Gay, Department of Corrections

Bob Galea, Akeela Treatment Services

Lt. Bob Gorder, Alaska State Troopers

Leslie Hiebert, Office of Public Advocacy

Michael Logue, Gorton and Associates

Mark Mew, Deputy Chief, Anchorage Police Department

Susan Parkes, District Attorney

Judge Stephanie Rhoades, Third Judicial District

John Richard, Anchorage Municipal Prosecutor

Mara Rabinowitz, Department of Corrections

David Sperbeck, Department of Corrections

Ron Taylor, Alcohol Safety Action Program Coordinator

Scott Wheat, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Alaska

Staff: Margo Waring, Alaska Mental Health Board