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STATE OF ALASKA Juneau, Alaska 99801

Dear Alaskans,

Alaska Statutes establish the Alaska Mental Health Board (AMHB) as the state planning agency for mental health services in Alaska. In 1991, the AMHB began a strategic planning process focusing on improving the statewide mental health system with an emphasis on strengthening community based services.

The 1991 document, A Shared Vision: The Alaska Mental Health Strategic Plan for the 90s, met with wide acceptance among Alaskans concerned with the delivery of mental health services. With the close of the 90s, the AMHB decided to convene a large planning group to explore mental health issues and goals impacting service delivery through the year 2003. Many volunteers, representing a wide range of Alaskans concerned about mental health services, have participated in the production of the plan, A Shared Vision II, The Alaska Mental Health Strategic Plan 1999-2003.

We hope that this document will be useful for Alaskans who want to understand the direction of mental health care in our state, for public and private agencies interested in the evolution of services in Alaska, and for state and federal funding agencies. The AMHB will use this plan in establishing budget priorities for funding requests to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and the State Legislature.

If you have questions, comments, or wish to participate in future planning efforts, please contact the AMHB office at the above address.

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Introduction 1