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Gayle Byrne/OOC/DHSS
on 10/27/2000 at 11:17 AM
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Mini-Grants For Mental Health Client Centered Services

Category: Grants
Department: Health & Social Services
Publish Date: 10/27/2000
Location: Statewide
Region: Statewide

Body of Notice:
Mental Health One Time Mini-Grants

The Division of Mental Health is pleased to announce the availability of $300,000 from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for "One Time Mini-Grants" for FY01. The intent of the Trust is to serve approximately 188 consumers so the maximum amount that can be applied for by each individual will be limited to approximately $2,000.

Consumer mini-grants are an important component of a system delivering "client centered" services to promote recovery and stability. These small grants can create significant opportunities for individuals served by the Trust. These grant funds are available to Trust beneficiaries statewide. Trust beneficiaries include adults and children with a mental illness, without regard to whether they receive public or private services. The Division will permit applicants to use non-profit or local governmental entities that have regular contact with and assist Mental Health Trust beneficiaries. Although current grantee agencies are preferred the consumer's choice will not be limited to using the current grantees as their applicant agency. There also will be no priorities given to those who are current recipients of services.

The scope of eligible expenses has been expanded for this year. This is to include the basic medical, dental and eye care as before and also assistance with basic living needs not covered under current grants, such as transportation, clothing, and other daily living, quality of life enhancements. These items and services will be considered for funding based on the ability to help the consumers attain and maintain healthy and productive lifestyles and are determined to be key supports in achieving recovery, stability and self-sufficiency. This must be documented in the application. The budget must also be very specific and documented. You may add attachments referring to actual costs of the items or services.

To apply an application may be obtained from the address and phone number listed below; as well as the internet website listed below. The application is to be filled out by an agency for the beneficiary. Please use no names so as to protect the person's right of confidentiality.

These applications must be received on or before December 8, 2000 at 4:00 pm. Send them to:
Yvonne Jacobson
Consumer Affairs Administrator
P.O. Box 110620
Juneau, AK 99811-0620
No faxed or electronic copies will be accepted. Information regarding the FY01 mini-grants is also available on our web site at You may also contact us at 465 - 3370.

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10/27/2000 11:17:17 AM by Gayle Byrne/OOC/DHSS/State/Alaska/US

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Grant Application.PDF