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J Psychosoc Nurs Ment Health Serv 1998 Apr;36(4):42-6

To work or not to work: that is not the question.

Rogers S

Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

1. Although employers in the public mental health arena may be expected to hire consumers of mental health services, it has been much more difficult for people with mental disabilities to find work in the private sector, or to return to such jobs after an acute episode of mental illness. 2. Many consumer-and survivor-run services around the country offer those with mental illness not only volunteer and employment opportunities, job training, and placement services, but also good role models and hope for the future. 3. How to address gaps in resumes is still controversial. However, since it is illegal for employers to ask questions designed to elicit information about illness, many experts advise consumers to get the job first; they can disclose their illness and ask for reasonable accommodations later.

PMID: 9580904, UI: 98242005

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