The Voice of Hope
A Mental Health Awareness Quilt

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The Voice of Hope Quilt is a national community art project depicting visions of hope, wellness and recovery for all. The project was born in the previous millennium, and is growing slowly, as an effort to address the national mental health crises that is afflicting the nation, but is still invisible to the public. The use of fabric is an attempt to repair the damage that has been done by the injustices of a fragmented mental health system. It is symbolic in that fabric has so many qualities that can be mended again and again. It symbolizes the resiliency of the human spirit as so many people with mental disabilities have struggled to repair their own tattered lives and have persevered towards recovery and healing. Quilts traveled and were created on the frontiers, warming people's hearts and bodies, beautifying lives, used as signature and memorial quilts, and leaving legacies behind. My dream is that our quilt will follow that tradition.

The quilt is to bring awareness, and at the same time offer the opportunities for art expression and dialogue within the community. They will travel, display our visions, tell our stories, and be a melting pot for our voices, to create a stronger voice, to educate and inspire others.

As you will find from the attached flyer the squares can be worked in many conceivable mediums, and the options are endless. So please, if you or someone that you know has been touched by mental illness, be a part of this endeavor. Let's end the discrimination that has existed for too long.
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Ricky Fowler 

We invite you to join our celebration of awareness in constructing The Voice of Hope quilt.

The effort and time used to create this patchwork quilt square by square may help to patch some parts of our lives. Many people and their families have been touched by psychiatric symptoms, disabilities or trauma and have suffered with the stigma that comes with their labels. The search for help and services can be an exhausting task, often leaving us feeling drained, harmed and with little hope. This project is an effort, created by one of those people in an effort to bring awareness to the community around us. This project will let survivors and their families know that they are not alone and will honor the strength, courage and commitment to those who fight for recovery and wellness. No experience is needed to participate.

Fabric squares should be a 10" x 10" square. The work you create should occupy an area of no more than 9" x 9". The extra ½ inch on each side is needed for sewing the squares together. The fabric can be any type, any color and any texture. You may use patchwork, appliqué, cross stitch, embroidery, photo transfer, printing or painting. Some types of materials to embellish your squares can be yarn, buttons, beads, ribbons and trimmings. Markers, crayons, paint and glue must be suitable for fabric. You may use acrylic paint. Please iron your block to set the colors. Please, NO Batting or Backing. The square can include any design, a poem, a picture, a statement or your story. Please sign your name on the front and print your name and phone number (optional) on the back and enclose in a zip top plastic bag. Please share this project with others that you think may be interested. You may also include any comments with your submission.

PEOPLe, Inc. reserves the right to not include squares that may be unsuitable for the quilt. All squares become the property of PEOPLe, Inc. and may be reproduced for the purpose of promoting our mission.
Squares may be sent to or dropped off at: PEOPLe, Inc.
378 Violet Avenue Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
For further information, please contact PEOPLe, Inc. at (845) 452-2728 or by e-mail at
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