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The Internet is Important to Consumers Because:

1. We can communicate instantly without cost and time. The Internet allows everyone on the Internet to communicate directly with each other. There are on-line support groups. There are Discussion Groups or News Groups where people can discuss back and forth their ideas on topics of common interest. There are e-mail lists (listserves) where notices can be communicated to large groups of people.

2. We can educate ourselves and the public reaching resources anywhere on the Internet. There is a tremendous amount of information on the Internet that we can access to help ourselves. Nobody controls the Internet so everyone's view can be told.

3. We can write letters to our legislatures to educate them about consumer issues.

4. We can study and research without costs and do sharing with other consumers.

5. We can join together, collaborate and accomplish things. The Internet is a very powerful way for people to get together. Instead of being limited to people in your neighborhood, community, or state, with the Internet people from all over the world can get together to work on common issues.

6. It is very easy to operate. Once you learn how, the Internet is a very user-friendly place!

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