Audio Conference on The Self Employment Option

                                                                                                                                                              Conference held March 30, 2001             Facilitator:  Ron Broome 

22 participants Statewide,  3 guests from the  Univ. of Montana s Rural Institute on Disabilities

The following is a sampling of some of the remarks during the 90 minute audio conference on self employment for people with disabilies.  Apologies for the delay in getting this information out to you.  The crash of my computer s hard drive is the leading, but not total, cause for the delay.

Opening remarks by Cary Griffin of the Univ. of Montana:

There are many positive signs relating to the growth of the self employment option, such as
Some of the challenges include Some current micro-enterprise ventures from around the State, heard at varying times during the conference: Our guests from the University of Montana, Cary Griffin, Roger Shelley, and Mike Garrety passed on some practical business development tips, based on their experience with more than 80 start-up businesses:  Some wrap up goals: We hope that you will continue to share your success stories and your support  needs as we strive to move forward with the self employment option.
Please contact Ron Broome if you are interested in being notified of upcoming workshops or teleconferences regarding self-employment options for people with disabilities!!
Ron Broome