Alaska’s TWWIIA Grants


Project Name

Alaska Works

Alaska WINS

Project Agency

Center for Human Development;

University Affiliated Programs (UAP; UAA)

Center for Human

Development UAP (UAA)

Project Contact

Karen Ward (UAA) 272-8270; Jennifer Jones (GCDSA) 269-8999

Karen Ward (UAA) 272-8270;

Jennifer Jones (GCDSA) 269-8999

Federal Funding Source

Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Funding Amount

Approximately $500,000/year


Length of Grant

5 years

5 years

Project Objectives

Eliminate the barriers to employment faced by people with disabilities who receive public assistance funding

Develop a statewide system of benefits planning and assistance services

Grant Position(s)

Project Coordinator

(1: Anchorage)


Resource Specialists

(3: Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks)

Business Development Specialist (1: Anchorage)

Contract Benefits Specialists

(5: Anchorage, Juneau, Kenai, Fairbanks)

Position Primary Function

Oversees daily

activities of the project & implement state policy change.

Provide training and tecnhical assistance to Job Center & community agency staff.

Develop partnerships with targeted employers.

Disability benefit analysis, advisement and planning for clients statewide

Major Duties

§         Disseminate information on effective systems change approaches.

§         Coordinate regular “Think Tank” gatherings of stakeholders to determine direction of the grant.

§         Identify barriers that keep people with disabilities from benefiting from Job Centers.

§         Provide interagency staff training and technical assistance

§         Increase the use of SSA and APA work incentives.

§         Develop strong partnerships with business and industry.

§         Provide disability awareness and topic specific training to businesses and employers.

§         Profiles individual’s benefit and employment status.

§         Analyzes and reports on the potential impact of employment alternatives and use of work incentives on benefit status.

§         Assists individual in accessing available work incentives

§         Provides outreach to increase knowledge and awareness of work incentives and benefits planning



Project Name

Medicaid Infrastructure Grant*




Work Incentives Grant

Project Agency

Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special

Education (GCDSE) /

Division of Public Assistance (DPA)

GCDSE/ Division of Medical Assistance (DMA)

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

Project Contact

Jennifer Jones (GCDSE) 269-8999 /

Angela Salerno (DPA) 907-465-3200

Jon Sherwood (DMA)


Michelle Morehouse (DVR)


Federal Funding Source

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

(formerly Health Care Finance Administration --  HCFA)


Department of Labor (DOL)

Funding Amount

Approximately $500,000/yr.


Length of Grant

4 years; potential for 7 year extension

2 ˝ years

Project Objectives

Provide employment-related coordination to appropriate public assistance recipients

Train Public Assistance staff in strategies to promote recipient employment

Improve Medicaid services geared to support employment

Enhance the employability, employment and career advancement of people with disabilities through enhanced service delivery in the Job Centers

Grant Position(s)

Workforce Development

Specialist (3: Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks)

Disability Employment

APA Disability Employment Trainer  (1: Anchorage)


Medicaid Policy Analyst

(1: Juneau)

Program Coordinator (1:Anchorage)


Program Assistant

(2:  Kenai, Wasilla)

Position Primary Function

Coordination of vocational and employment-related services for DPA clients

Staff training

Medicaid policy and program recommendations

Oversee proposed grant activities       (below)

Training and technical assistance for Job Center staff

Major Duties

§         Develops protocols and facilitates client referrals to employment-related services.

§         Coordinates community rehabilitation, vocational and employment services for APA recipients seeking employment.

§         Acts as a resource to eligibility staff and case managers regarding SSI/SSDI/APA employment incentives and wage and benefit interactions.

§         Conducts training in methods and strategies to promote employment of disabled recipients of     public assistance benefits.

§         Determines training needs in the area of employment for people with disabilities, designs    training plans, and develops materials and classroom modules.

§         Assists with organizational development activities, and facilitates group sessions for agencies serving people with disabilities.

§         Recommend Medicaid policy and program changes to improve services for  working and      potentially employed       recipients with disabilities

§         Assistive Technology assessment, procurement, installation, and training

§         Adapt and create marketing materials for marketing Job Centers to disability organizations

§         Establish a fund to purchase benefits counseling for individuals with disabilities

§         Train Job Center staff on disability and employment issues

§         Market Job Center services to disability community

* This grant also incl udes funding to study the APA program; the scope of work is currently under development