by Steve Rodoletz
(If you have found information you think should be included please contact Steve so
that accurate updating and expanded listings can grow with your input. Thank you.)

    We have collected employment resources so that you may learn more and thereby be empowered with knowledge.

    We’ve arranged each with the contact information we currently have for them as well as a brief description. Most also contain their own resource lists, and we recommend that you take advantage of them. Our mission here was not so much to reproduce the fine efforts of many other disability groups, but to focus the Work Incentive searches towards known areas of value.

    Omission from this first edition in no way implies or indicates fault on the part of those working to see persons with disabilities better employed. Indeed, some 325,000 potential net contacts proved just a bit too much.


One may type in the URL (universal resource location, the http things) for any of the websites and by hitting “enter” go there (type it exactly). Or highlight the URL and copy/paste it into the URL location within your browser’s window, then hit enter. There is even a method within Apple’s OS8 (Apple Internet Detectors) that allows one to highlight the URL from any document and ask to go there. We have tried to include the specific instructions necessary to join list serves. But some are limited in their membership size and we cannot guarantee you’ll get right in. Your ISP (internet service provider) has the technical knowhow to open communications between your browser and any newsgroups. Don’t be spooked by opening up these contacts, they’re there because they want to hear from you. Good reading!

To speed up your inquiries, we are providing these four quick references before the main listings section:

1.    To get announcements, updates, and action alerts...
     Subscribe to the National Work Incentives Listserve.
     To subscribe - send an e-mail to: <>
     There should be no subject line, and the body of the
     message should read: join wkincnet “your e-mail
     address”. (Example: join wkincnet

2.    To access written materials about work incentive
        reform, including  information about current work
        incentive provisions, analyses of legislative proposals,
       and discussions of proposal cost issues... see the VCU
      (Virginia Commonwealth University) web page at:  

3.    If you’d like to get involved in a national grassroots
       organizing campaign on this issue... please send your name,
       address, phone, e-mail address (if available), fax, and a
       brief description of your backround, skills, and what you’re
       interested in doing to:
            Bryon MacDonald
            Center for Independent Living
            436 14th Street, Suite 218
            Oakland, CA 94612

4.    You don't need to buy Internet access to use free
    e-mail. Get completely free e-mail from Juno at 
        Or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]
Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
        employment is but one of the many issues highlighted here

disABILITY Information and Resources
        an enormously site rich with information and addresses

        excellent areas of interest
        a particularly powerful area of the DISABILITY RIGHTS ACTIVIST
         we want to insure you discover this

Disability, Work and Social Security Benefits Listserve
        strong, uncensored discourse on PASS and Work Incentives
        send a message to the SSAWORK address and an email        
requesting inclusion to: Warren King <>

employment support institute, ESI
        reports, commentary and still more resources under “Partners”.
        particularly rich analyses of the costing out of various proposals
        and the debate over these financial assumptions.

GAO Home Page
        General Accounting Office, where all those reports come from

ILUSA - Main Page
        Independent Living USA, what an ILC can do; many subjects and        
         issues including employment.

Justice for All
        national grassroots organization provides updates on what's
         happening in Congress on issues of importance to people with
         disabilities. To subscribe, send a message with blank subject line
         to: JFA. In the body of the message write: subscribe justice (your
         email address). Previous JFA Alerts can also be downloaded.

Macintosh/Apple Computer's Disability Connection
        Apple’s full assortment of disability services

MAP (Macintosh Access Passport)
        interactive searching for Assistive Technology devices

Master the Maze: A User's Guide to Work Incentives
        long developed, well respected, bountiful reports and invaluable
Nandi's Internet Digest -- INFO RESOURCES
        a massive and detailed listing of sites and email contacts.
        Scroll down through the subjects of interest and find the
         addresses you can use

National Council on Disability Economic Empowerment Page
        independent federal agency, lots of “how-to...” , well
         organized. This Web site, maintained by NCD's Jamal Mazrui, is a
         treasure chest of information related to federal disability
         employment policies. Text versions of every related
         report and proposal soon after it is issued. Visit often if
         you want to keep up to date on federal initiatives. An even easier
         way to stay updated is to have Jamal email you new materials as
         he finds them. Send him email at
        with NCD Info List as the subject, and request to receive his info

National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives
        these folks should be current on everchanging regulations

Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc. (NLS)
        a not-for-profit agency located in Buffalo, New York. NLS
         provides free legal services to persons with low-income and
         persons with disabilities.

The Networker and Texas PASS Network
        The Networker is not actually a Web site. Daniel Scarborough,
         who started and runs the TPN, collects comments and
         periodically mails the collection to Networker/TPN participants.
         To join the network, send an e-mail message to Daniel at: telling him that you want to participate.

Small Business Administration
        all the information all that money has researched

Social Security Advisory Board
Margaret S. Malone, Staff Director
Social Security Advisory Board
400 Virginia Avenue, SW, Suite 625
Washington, DC 20024
202-475-7715 fax

Social Security Disability Home Page

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) News Group
        information, tips, experiences, FAQs, and stories about SSDI.
        Steven S. Palmer <>

Social Security Red Book on Work Incentives
        much of the calculating starts with these equations, a must read
*     The following individuals have indicated their
     willingness to be included in this preliminary listing:

Barbara Knowlen - Barrier Breakers (PASS writing and training)
     (315) 821-2460
     4239 Camp Road
     Oriskany Falls, NY 13425
        Barbara has spent years developing a PASS writing manual that
         goes a very long way towards decrypting the PASS morass. She
         has written hundreds of individual PASSs, trained the PASS
         Cadre and counseled national organizations on Work Incentives
         at a number of conferences dedicated to that ideal. Barb is
         based in Minneapolis.

Scott A. Lay - PASS and Work Incentives (see...”Master the Maze” )
        Scott has been acknowledged as an expert on Work Incentives
         for many years as well. His site explains and compares SSI/SSDI,
         particularly as they relate to working.

John W. Olson - Benefits counseling and PASS Services   
        John is currently working for the Southern Service Center for Independent
        Living in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. His work is concerned with ADA issues,
        generally public accomodations T-3. John is also a member of the board of
        directors of a Community Action Program for SouthWest Wisconsin, on the
        board of Madison Wheelchair Athletics, and a member of the Governor's Committee
       for People with Disabilities.

[This list was developed by the NCIL subcommittee on Work Incentives and SSA] v.2/99