by Harold Bartko

No, it's not therapy for cats! What is soft and furry and scrambles through the room and nibbles on your feet and is the best free psychiatrist around? The answer is a kitty cat. My faithful little pet is about eight months old now and sleeps by my bed and at my feet wherever I may be. Sometimes she likes to sit on my shoulder as I walk through the apartment and enjoy the view from five feet up. I recently made her a scratching post with a perch six feet high and she plays on it and sleeps on it for hours at a time high above the room. Sometimes when I'm depressed and don't want to get out of bed, she will come and sleep by my pillow and keep me company. It's great therapy to have a pet that depends on you for your care and appreciates your company just as much as you appreciate theirs. My cat also entertains me with her playful antics and leaps and bounds through the room and appreciates being petted. You just can't beat cat therapy. If you want a cat, be sure you can afford all the shots and spaying or neutering to be a responsible pet owner. Harold