by Steven Honig

After too many years of isolation and alienation and pain, things changed. I abandoned Establishment – everything – or it abandoned me, and began a search for "Peace of Mind". "Peace" didn’t just come instantly, but eventually, bit by bit, it began.

I lived in a converted street van for a decade and found pleasure in transversing quiet, distant countryside neighborhoods of North America. It was easy awakening to a new and unfamiliar place each morning, slowly discovering new feelings, and hope within myself. Meandering around like an old river through hilly grasslands.

Years passed as I dreamed of a place where I could step out of a remote wilderness cabin and be greeted by the sea. I began to collect discarded, often broken, hand tools from dumpsters and garage sales. Mending and caring for the tools I would need some day when I would find my place.

I stored these treasures in an unused barn on a friend’s property – for years. About the time the barn gave way and collapsed, I had found a legal way to squat on a piece of land. With the help and encouragement from friends, today, when I step out of the cabin, I am welcomed and greeted by the sea. A simple wood stove keeps me warm and a kerosene lantern gives me light. My days are busy with harvesting driftwood for the stove and carting buckets of fresh water for cooking and washing. Each morning brings a beautiful day. I have truly found my place, and share it with one very special friend and others who seem to find their way into my life.

Today I have happiness and love that once seemed like only a faint and fading glimmer of hope.

Life itself is my statement; each day is a mix of simple pleasures and complex decisions and, like all things in nature, connected in some mysterious way.

   Copyright 1998 Steven Honig.  All rights reserved