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The Web provides peer-driven, peer support in a safe environment guided by unconditional positive regard using a recovery-based philosophy.

We offer hope with no red tape and no strings attached.


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The Mental Health Consumer Web (The Web) is the only behavioral health consumer-driven drop-in and engagement center in Anchorage. The organizationís activities are completely free and are funded by the Division of Behavioral Health and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.

The Web is recovery based and serves many people, including those with mental health issues and/or drug and alcohol abuse who are often homeless. The Web currently has 2,400 members and is visited over 20,000 times annually for services such as computer access, support for substance abuse recovery, peer mentoring, support groups volunteer opportunities, community involvement, recreation, education and more!

The Web has many partners and we thank each of them.


 Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

 Alaska Department of Behavior Health

 A.W.A.I.C. Womenís Recovery Project

 VA Domiciliary Recovering  Veterans

 Real Life Ministries

 Homeward Bound



 Anchorage Mental Health Court

 Anchorage Neighborhood Clinic

 The Mayorís Homeless Coalition


Womenís Support Group: The Womenís Recovery Project hosts meetings every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. This Group has been running for nearly two years and provides an environment for women to focus on their specific needs and support each otherís growth and recovery

Doing it by Choice AA:  Meets at 6:00 pm Saturdays in traditional Alcoholic Anonymous 12- step format. Once a month, a large dinner/speaker meeting is held on Sunday.

Brown Bag Speaker Series: The series features experts and peers that speak on a wide variety of issues that concern the lives of those in recovery.


Better Quality of Life through Recreation: The Web provides community integration outings such as trips to the Alaska State Fair, movies, and fishing.  The programís 12-person van  allows more participation in the many activities in our community.


These are a few of the Webís many activities




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Wellness Readiness Action Plan (WRAP):


The WRAP is a self-management and recovery system.  WRAP is designed to:

 Decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors

 Increase personal empowerment

 Improve quality of life

 Assist people in achieving their own life goals and dreams.


Individual WRAP plans provide participants with a personally developed road map of their goals, objectives and wellness resources that may be used to further their recovery.  A WRAP also maps out potential actions and skills that can be used in periods of symptom reoccurrence. The WRAP can help one to reduce, modify or eliminate symptoms by using planned responses.  This form of self directed planning empowers participants to take charge of and be responsible for their own recovery.


The WRAP is taught generally over a five day period, with each day lasting about  five-hours.  The class is taught by Web staff and is held  approximately once per month.  The class schedule varies from month to month.  Please call Hosanna at 222-2980 for questions or to sign up for a class.  The class is free.

Peer Mentoring

One  basic philosophy of The Alaska Mental Health Consumer Web and of Peer Support is that the development of relationships is a crucial component of recovery. The Web views recovery as more than the ending of substance abuse or lessening of symptoms of mental health issues.  Recovery is life changing.  Participants find that a Peer Mentor is a valuable tool for recovery.  A Peer Mentor engages participants in regaining control over their lives and over their recovery process.  Peer Mentors model competency in recovery and maintaining ongoing wellness. 



Our hours of operation are M-F 8:30-5:00; Saturday 10:00-4:00; closed Sunday. 

Alaska Mental Health Consumer Web     1248 Gambell      Anchorage, Alaska 99501      (907) 222-2980